Preschoolers over the next several years will graduate from high school around 2040.

“Oh my” is right! What will 2040 even look like? Unlike previous generations, the pathways, experiences, and classroom settings enroute to 2040 will probably be less familiar, not as linear, more ambiguous. Yet, it will entail even more of a purpose-driven adventure filled with creative possibilities and exciting opportunities.

We must acknowledge that innovation and technology are revolutionizing the way we live, work, play, and gather. Yet, we value human connection and the ability to connect with various types of people from different backgrounds.

While we cannot predict the future of 2040, the rapidly changing contexts in the world will require something different from the learner, from the teacher, from the parent, and from the community.

We must ask new questions. We must create new insights. We must design new ideas with integrity and quality.

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