A Motivation for Innovation

Innovating any program within your school or organization demands a consistent, methodical investment in translating new knowledge into new ways of behavior. Yet, innovation does not have to be revolutionary or even overwhelming. Innovation is available to access and scale regardless of budget, size, or complexity of your organization. So…what is your motivation for innovation? Is it to optimize, transform, or disrupt? We can help guide you through varying your routes on this journey as you investigate your innovation intention.


  • Evaluate current programs/systems and receive recommendations about next strategic steps
  • Reorient or scale a specific system/area of programming
  • Cultivate leadership capability in optimizing programs & systems
  • Train staff members in optimizing programs & systems
  • Integrate responsive executive coaching for ongoing feedback to optimize programs and systems
  • Cultivate teaching capability through “office hours” for real time questions and wonders by staff
  • Create experience – retreat, workshop, book study – to fuel ideas


  • Create experiences to spark transformative ideas
  • Reframe and replace new program systemically, within a division, or grade-level
  • Develop plan to implement and integrate new program or system through onboarding, digital and print collateral, clarity of language, and ongoing training
  • Cultivate leadership capability in transforming programs & systems
  • Integrate executive coaching to implement personalized solutions, new systems and methodologies
  • Train staff members in transforming programs & systems


  • Create experiences to ignite disruptive shifts
  • Scale major programmatic shifts in schedule
  • Create a School within a School model
  • Launch a new school
  • Apply corporate ESG criteria to School
  • Cultivate leadership capability in transforming programs & systems
  • Train staff members in disrupting programs & systems

What Can You Optimize, Transform, or Disrupt?

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Consulting Case Studies

360 Journey Map

How might we empathize with the story and journey experience for community members?

When innovating programs and systems, how might we empathize with the story and journey experience for community members? We can assist you in developing a 360 degree customer journey map to gain a deeper understanding at all of a customer’s experience from awareness to advocacy. We will help you collect the right feedback, involve the right people, and achieve great results.

Capability Building

How might we support innovation within our organization?

Leadership capability-building is required to support innovation and ultimately scale any program or system within your organization. Mapping your transformation, your leadership team and/or board will be provided visionary opportunities to analyze and synthesize the external drivers, signals, and trends impacting your school. Additionally, you will be equipped with relevant feedback analysis, assessing the appropriate pace and approach to consider and to deploy during a transformational journey.

Polarity Management

How might we innovate programs and systems in the midst of a polarized world?

Today’s leaders are navigating fluid, dynamic circumstances and everyday seems like a new set of divergent issues of conflict and confrontation, impacting internal perspectives and external perceptions. Through various tools and exercises, we can assist you in managing the tension when optimizing, transforming, or disrupting programs and systems within your organization.


Want more information on innovating programs and systems? Let us know where you are on your journey. Transformation needs a guide. We can help.

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