What is Transformation R&D?

Transformation R&D is a scalable, from concept to fully integrated approach in guiding your team and organization through optimization, transformation, and/or disruption. Focused on innovating programs & systems, transforming teaching experiences, and designing strategy, Ventures can serve as your research and development department without you having to create one.

From teacher to trustee, start from where you are. You can decide on an entry point of transformation that is accessible and attainable for you and your team. Whether it is optimizing, transforming, or disrupting your practice or organization, begin with a practical pace and approach along this purpose-driven journey that aligns with your mission, community needs, and budget.

Optimize existing systems, methods, or approaches by making small tweaks and slight adjustments
Transform your school by replacing one system, methodology, or approach with another
Disrupt the very structures in which you operate as if your industry no longer existed

Why is Transformation R&D Critical?

Education is changing.

In this moment, we live amidst a fundamental reordering of how we think about school: from the centuries-old belief that content knowledge is its central currency, to the nascent understanding that what you know matters less than who you are, and what you are uniquely capable of impacting.

Acknowledging this reality, you and your staff are busy and taxed by the day-to-day grind of school life. Change feels too challenging. And, you have no margin with your current staff to make the shifts necessary to advance the noble work you undertake with this generation of students. In other words, you need more hands and hearts, supporting your efforts.

So, while we are attempting to get back to normal, innovation and technology are revolutionizing the way we live, work, play, and gather. Yet, human connection and the ability to connect with various types of people from different backgrounds is of great importance.

Navigating the complexities of these paradoxes, how will we be ready? How do we keep up? Where do we even start? That is where Ventures enters the picture. As current practitioners in the field leading change with students, staff, and families right now, we can be your guides in transforming your organization.

How does my community benefit from Transformation R&D?

You decide your entry point of transformation. While no one knows your organization better than you, we can create a customized strategy that outlines how to best guide you and your team. We feel a great responsibility to make an impact and inspire transformation with a relevant, high touch, and evidence-based approach that aligns with your mission, community needs, and budget.

We can be your research and development department without you having to create one. Automatically, you have expanded your team’s reach for ideas, data, design, strategy, implementation, integration, and measurement without having to reorient your current staff, hire more staff members, or even conduct a search with resources you don’t have to reallocate or redistribute. Serving alongside your staff in support of missional needs and expectations, we help you build organizational capacity.

We serve students and families in the field right now. We understand the complexities of change and how to navigate fluid, dynamic circumstances. We get it. For more than a decade, we have been leading transformation in teaching & learning, engaging instructional design, growing enrollment, assembling high performing teams, building exceptional brands, and launching innovative programs.

Through extensive training and interactive experiences, we will deepen the leadership capabilities of your team and the pedagogical expertise of your teachers. With a bias towards reflection and action, we will be able to guide your organization to create a shared understanding of mission, vision, language, roles, and responsibilities. Additionally, providing data that you don’t currently have, we can deepen your ability to monitor and measure your strategic progress and impact through pragmatic operating systems and practical priorities.

Increasing student engagement, enriching adult talent and experiences, cultivating a culture of innovation, improving decision-making, and scaling efforts of transformation become the headlines when investing in Transformation R&D. When committed to the process, you will generate momentum with short-term wins and create a multiplying effect – scalable ideas, programs, strategy, and partnerships. And, your students, teachers, and community will have quite a story to tell.


Let us know where you are on your journey. Transformation needs a guide. We can help.

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