Summer 2023 Transformation R+D Report


Mount Vernon Ventures is pleased to announce the release of our first Transformation R&D Report: A People-Centered Organization Living in an AI World. This summer 30+ page research-based report, launched at the Mount Vernon Ventures Annual Conference, is an invaluable resource for education professionals and leaders seeking a plan of action for emerging and accelerating AI technologies. We explore key definitions, identify themes, uncover implications, and provide next steps when navigating the complexities of artificial intelligence in your organization. What do these new technologies mean for us? How might we minimize the risks these technologies may pose, while also leveraging the advantages?

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About the Quarterly Transformation R&D Reports

Mount Vernon Ventures publishes a quarterly Transformation R&D Report, analyzing impactful topics in education for leaders and professionals navigating a complex world. Exploring the drivers, signals, and trends affecting the education sector, we serve schools by conducting extensive research, synthesizing ideas, identifying their implications, amplifying their potential, and providing recommendations for your school to consider.

Industry Reviews

“As educators sort through the onslaught of AI-powered applications, they would do well to study this paper—to gain an overview of the different waves of artificial intelligence and to understand where education is likely critical to support children and enhance our common humanity.”
Michael Horn
Author of From Reopen to Reinvent & Disrupting Class
Co-Founder & Distinguished Fellow at Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation
“Significant leaps in technological achievements are usually greeted by some with fear and by others with excitement but all need to know what AI is to take part in an informed way in the conversation. I’ve seen no better, more comprehensive and succinct work to help teachers and educational leaders establish a necessary foundational understanding of AI than this work by the folks at Mount Vernon. This R&D summary is the perfect primer for schools.”
John Gulla
Executive Director of the EE Ford Foundation