Fall 2023 Transformation R+D Report


MV Ventures is excited to announce the release of our fall 2023 Transformation R&D Report, Total Health: A Wholeness of People in the Age of Technology. This 30-page report is an invaluable resource for education professionals and leaders seeking to promote total health and wellness in their organizations. We explore key definitions, identify themes, uncover implications, and provide next steps. How might we best promote the total health of the human body at the intersection of emerging technologies? What are the latest trends in exercise science/physiology, health and wellness, and organizational collaboration that point to an answer for moving forward? What do these trends and developments mean for us, both in the present moment and in the very near future?

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About the Quarterly Transformation R&D Reports

Mount Vernon Ventures publishes a quarterly Transformation R&D Report, analyzing impactful topics in education for leaders and professionals navigating a complex world. Exploring the drivers, signals, and trends affecting the education sector, we serve schools by conducting extensive research, synthesizing ideas, identifying their implications, amplifying their potential, and providing recommendations for your school to consider.