YMCA of Metro Atlanta

Over the course of a year, MV Ventures consultants reimagined the after-school program for the YMCA of Metro Atlanta. The MVV team designed a curriculum to transform the after-school programming for kindergarten through grade 8 and facilitated in-person training experiences for YMCA site directors to introduce the mindsets and skills needed for the new curriculum.

The first part of the partnership involved Ann Marsh Rutledge, MV Ventures Head of Learning and Innovation, working collaboratively with the YMCA leadership team to design the scope of the project and structure of the new curriculum based on the YMCA of Metro Atlanta’s new strategic plan. The major goals were to build agency within the kids in the after school program, expose them to a variety of diverse careers, and provide experience with real-world problem solving that develops life skills. The YMCA selected MV Ventures to lead this project because of the expertise in inquiry-based learning and design thinking.

The partnership transformed the after school program, providing kids from kindergarten through grade 8 developmentally appropriate ways to explore careers, develop life skills including financial literacy, and experience real-world problem solving through design thinking. The curriculum includes both programmed activities that structure inquiry, empathy-building, prototyping, and feedback around defined themes and club activities that allow kids to explore their curiosities and passions in hands-on, inquiry learning experiences.


During the past decade, we have had the opportunity to serve and partner with hundreds of schools and organizations throughout the United States and across the globe.