Innovating Programs

A Motivation for Innovation

Innovating any program within your school or organization demands a consistent, methodical investment in translating new knowledge into new ways of behavior. Yet, innovation does not have to be revolutionary or even overwhelming. Innovation is available to access and scale regardless of budget, size, or complexity of your organization. So…what is your motivation for innovation? Is it to optimize, transform, or disrupt? We can help guide you through varying your routes on this journey as you investigate your innovation intention.


Optimize is an entry-level tier of innovation focused on making tweaks, slight adjustments to enhance existing systems, methods, or approaches. Possible opportunities could include learning expeditions, advisory program, school schedule, admissions, marketing.


Transform is a next-level tier of innovation focused on the replacement of one system, methodology, or approach with another. Possible opportunities could include instructional design, curriculum development, assessments, transcripts, onboarding new employees.


Disrupt is a more advanced tier of innovation focused on operating as if your industry no longer exists. Possible opportunities could include “school within a school” approach and R&D test kitchen.


Want more information on innovating programs?  Let us know where you are on your journey.  Transformation needs a guide.  We can help. 

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