Designing Strategy

While we are tempted to focus on the finite game of short-term wins and solutions, truly sustaining an organization requires us to set the conditions for the long game. How do you plan from opportunity? How do you push beyond obvious symptoms? We can assist your team in understanding your desired impact, where you are headed, and how you are positioned through various lenses – 360 journey mapping, brand identity, researching the future, strategic planning, and/or developing an operating system.

360 Journey Map

How might we empathize with the story and journey experience for community members? We can assist you in developing a 360 degree customer journey map to gain a deeper understanding at all of a customer’s experience from awareness to advocacy. We will help you collect the right feedback, involve the right people, and achieve great results. Possible opportunities could include deepening parent volunteer network, attracting and retaining talent, increasing diversity, and more.

Brand Identity, Position & Reach

What is your brand identity? What is your brand story? Appraising the marketplace, we can equip you to develop a compelling visual design strategy reflecting purpose and vision, to create a succinct content map of curated stories, and to design a sophisticated digital marketing strategy in order to amplify your message with internal and external audiences, bringing brand to life, increasing understanding, and activating engagement.

Research the Future

Learning from the future as it emerges, we can either conduct the research for you or assist you in conducting a comprehensive study, scanning for impactful signals, innovations, and disruptions in education, business, science, technology, the economy, and the environment. We will help you identify questions to explore, people to see, and places to go and ultimately, make recommendations for you to consider.

Strategic Planning

You will be able to envision a clearer future by looking back to look forward; gaining a greater insight into the external drivers, signals, and trends affecting your industry sector and organization; assessing the internal cultural and organizational climate; and ultimately designing a definitive roadmap moving forward.

Operating system

Strategy, even great strategy is static without disciplined people, thought, and action. Focused on productivity and accountability, your team will be grounded in establishing decade-long targets, 3-5 year headlines, annual goals, quarterly batches, and monthly progress reports.


Want more information on designing strategy? Let us know where you are on your journey. Transformation needs a guide. We can help.

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