Transforming Teaching Experiences

Navigating the Journey

Today’s schools are charged with preparing students for an unknown, ever-evolving future and careers yet to be imagined. How might we make school life more reflective of real life? How might we prepare learners to adapt and thrive in any context? We have envisioned, tested, and now shine the light on transformative learning experiences that begin by transforming our teaching practice. Using research and best practices, we can help you select the best route and navigate the journey from where you are now to where you want the learning to take you.

Instructional Design

How might we empower all learners to be seekers and explorers? We use neuroscience and educational research to design inquiry-based instructional experiences that foster the curiosity and passions of the learners in order to maximize engagement, agency, and learning transfer. We lead customized professional development workshops on inquiry-based learning strategies to build capacity within teams. We meet schools and individual teams where they are and coach them to redesign the instructional experience of learners using inquiry-based learning methods like visible thinking, project-based learning, and design thinking.

Curriculum Design

How might we redesign curriculum to meet the needs of all learners? We offer a range of services to guide schools in curriculum design. We build curriculum using backwards design principles in combination with a competency-based educational approach. We help schools identify learning outcomes and build a progression of learning that is aligned from one grade to the next. We train teachers to plan curriculum and we facilitate team co-creation of unit plans designed for learning transfer of key objectives, skills, and knowledge. We build capacity among teams to plan collaboratively for learning.


How might we use assessment as a meaningful and positive tool for growth? Through the lens of Competency-based education, we can facilitate creation of assessment maps for a particular course, grade-level, or division based on core competencies and learning outcomes. Our expert consultants can guide your team to develop formative and summative performance-task assessments, proficiency scales with objective descriptors of proficiency within target skills, and a plan for utilizing the data to inform next steps for instruction. We teach teams how to give good feedback in order to progress learners to the next level of proficiency and how to create a classroom environment grounded in reflection and goal-setting.

Instructional Rounds

How might we nurture and advance a dynamic professional learning community in order to transform teaching and learning? Instructional Rounds provide a structured method for educators to work together to improve instructional practice. Adapted from medical rounds used in teaching hospitals, Instructional Rounds uses an inquiry learning process grounded in classroom observation and conversation about the observation, goal-setting for collective, school-wide improvement, and intentional community-building.


Want more information on transforming teaching experiences? Let us know where you are on your journey. Transformation needs a guide. We can help.

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