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Mount Vernon Ventures’ Consultant Training Program at The Mount Vernon School

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Mount Vernon Ventures’ Consultant Training Program

Four Steps to Begin Your Journey


Step 1

Complete this survey to share a little more about you and your strengths. We want to learn about your areas of expertise and what excites you about being a MVV consultant.

Step 2

One-on-one information session with a MVV team member An opportunity to ask questions, hear more about MVV’s partnerships and share your past experience as an educator.

Step 3

Complete a series of videos and check points to learn more about specific components of being a MVV Consultant, ensuring that all MVV curated client experinces are brand aligned. 

Step 4

Participate in a one-day retreat. The best way to learn is by doing! Join team members for an in person experience. Great professional development and your first lap in being a consultant!

Ongoing Coaching and Experiences

Next: Build Your Practice

Once you’ve completed the first four steps, we’ve built practice laps into the process. You will have the opportunity to build your skills and confidence through a series of experiences at Mount Vernon. We will meet with you and your supervisor on how you can get started. 

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