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Why We Do Events

At MV Ventures, we are insatiably curious. As we explore, research and expand our own capabilities within our primary place of practice, we believe deeply in sharing and doing our part to build capacity in others. Above all else, by being intentional about blurring the lines between school and the real world, we are leading the way in transforming education and creating a destination for anyone seeking to design a better world.

In-Person Event

School Reimagined

Visit Mount Vernon

As a school of inquiry, impact and innovation, The Mount Vernon School continues to reimagine what school is and does. Join members of the MV team for a day of deeper learning and connect with expert practitioners through your choice of learning experiences. Leave inspired with actionable next steps on transforming your school or classroom.

Virtual Events

Engage with Mount Vernon virtually on a series of topics designed to bring impact to your classroom

Why does assessment need to change and what does that mean for our schools? How might we use design thinking in the classroom to engage learners with empathy and design? How might we use the Arts to bring innovation and mindfulness into the classroom? Join Mount Vernon Senior leaders for experiential virtual webinars focusing on a series of impactful topics and strategies. Discover what you can do right now to bring educational transformation to your classroom and community.

Foundational Classroom Strategies

How might we implement specific learner-centered classroom strategies in PK-12? The workshop establishes the “why” behind learner-centered pedagogy and teaches participants actionable classroom strategies to begin implementing immediately. Topics will include research-based strategies for inquiry-based learning, facilitating classroom discussion by incorporating student voice, and incorporating students’ curiosities and passions to personalize through choice. 

Mount Vernon Ventures' Design Sprint

Believing that designers change the world, we at The Mount Vernon School teach children preschool through grade 12 to observe and question their world, build empathy muscles, experiment with prototypes and iterate. Students build upon these approaches to learn on a deeper level. MV Ventures’ experiential Design Sprint is designed to give participants a practical application for design thinking in the classroom, regardless of the grade level or subject.

Competency-Based Foundations

How might we implement Competency-Based Education? This workshop explores what Competency-Based education is and establishes the means, methods, tools and systems for discerning, mapping, and informing a rigorous learning journey. Topics will include Competency-based educational methods for assessment, feedback, documentation, next steps for using data to guide differentiated instruction, and grading for equity.

On-Demand Workshops

Invite Mount Vernon Ventures to come to you. We offer customizable workshops for your team and organization. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us and let us create a customized workshop for you and your team.

DT FlashLab - An Introduction to Design Thinking

MV Ventures specializes in design thinking as a problem-definition and problem-solving framework. Our FlashLab process is a 3-hour workshop where participants experience a “full-lap” in design thinking  as both a user and a designer. The FlashLab is hands-on and highly experiential. Time will also be spent sharing design thinking stories from both Mount Vernon and the business world.

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Our Process

We create a customized strategy that outlines how to best guide you and your team on your transformation journey. This is an iterative process and works best with collaboration and feedback from you, the client.

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