Visitation Days

Travel to Atlanta

Visit Mount Vernon in Atlanta and experience first-hand the culmination of a decade of transformation. We have been on an exciting, messy journey and can empathize with the opportunities and challenges you are navigating.

Focused on two distinct experiences, School Reimagined and Foundational Classroom Strategies, join Mount Vernon Ventures for a fun-filled day of learning.

Part I

School Reimagined

On this expedition, you will join members of the Mount Vernon team for a half-day of deeper learning and connect with expert practitioners through one of three experiences:

Choice #1: How Might We Make School Life More Reflective of Real Life?: Experience how Mount Vernon looks at the whole child (PK-12), looking through the lens of real-world project work. Topics will include Design Thinking, Inquiry Based Learning; Inter/Multi/Transdisciplinary Learning, Innovative and Flexible Spaces, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Choice #2: Competency Based Education: Focus on Assessment We’ll introduce the foundations of Competency-based learning and then dive into the methods, tools and systems for discerning, mapping, and informing a rigorous learning journey. Our main focus will be on assessment and grading practices including performance task assessments, using rubrics and proficiency scales, giving learners actionable feedback, and systems for equitable grade reporting.

Choice #3: Innovation Leadership: How might we implement practices and systems to fuel innovation within PK-12 schools? We’ll share our Mount Vernon School innovation story and highlight elements of our school culture that fuel and sustain innovation including systems for collaborative planning, professional development, implementation of innovative learning models, learning walks, instructional rounds, and faculty professional goals, evaluations, and reflection.

Each participant will travel with an MV expert on a learning walk, receive instruction and guidance about respective School models, and debrief with faculty members during lunch.

Part II

Foundational Classroom Strategies

How might we implement specific learner-centered classroom strategies in PK-12? We’ll experience foundational research-based strategies for inquiry-based learning, focusing on inviting student voice, and incorporating students’ curiosities and passions to personalize learning through choice and meet the needs of all learners. This learning experience is great for new teachers as well as those experienced educators who are open to incorporating learner-centered and inquiry-based learning strategies.

Upcoming Visitation Dates

School Reimagined


Build Social Capital

Throughout the years, Ventures, facilitated by Mount Vernon expert practitioners, has hosted a variety of gatherings, transforming teaching and learning experiences for educational organizations throughout the United States and across the globe. Additionally, Ventures at The Mount Vernon School has been a convening space where the corporate sector, non-profit community, and civic environments have collided with educational organizations to strengthen their identity, to deepen their innovation, and to scale their impact. Regardless of type of conference, participants gain hands-on experience and build capacity as learners and leaders within their organization and innovation teams.

Upcoming Conferences

Details Coming Soon.

Workshops & Retreats

Focus Your Group

Guided by current practitioners and leaders, Ventures designs and deploys in-person and off-site workshops and retreats for organizations with a specific desire to innovate programs, transform teaching experiences, design strategy, empower leadership teams, or enrich talent & culture. Whether it is your board, executive leadership team, division, department, and/or grade-level, we can create a workshop or facilitate a retreat to meet your needs, achieve your goals, and ultimately, set the conditions and next steps for a preferred future.

Upcoming Workshops

Details Coming Soon.


Through research, user feedback, prototyping, and iterating, Ventures develops evidence-based products for students, teachers, administrators, leadership teams, and boards. These innovative products can help guide you on your transformational journey.

MVV Unit Planning Template

A unit planning template intended to make planning more efficient and effective, leading to meaningful experiences that transfer to real-world knowledge and skills. For teachers PS-12.

MVV's Design Thinking Field Guide

A 70-page guide to design thinking to lead designers through the design process while keeping empathy, prototyping, and feedback at the center. All tools come with directions on how to use them both in and out of the classroom. Tools can also be used individually or in combination with others. A beginner and intermediate route is suggested for those who are new to design thinking.

Upcoming Products

  • iD Book – Released Early 2023
  • Maker 2023


Ventures offers a range of webinars to equip people-centered educators and leaders through flash labs, design sprints, and foundational concepts and strategies.

DT FlashLab - An Introduction to Design Thinking

MV Ventures specializes in design thinking as a problem-definition and problem-solving framework. Our FlashLab process is a 3-hour, in person workshop where participants experience a “full-lap” in design thinking  as both a user and a designer. The FlashLab is hands-on and highly experiential. Time will also be spent sharing design thinking stories from both Mount Vernon and the business world. This workshop is for both classroom teachers as well as administrators who want to learn more about Design Thinking. This workshop is available in person only.

Mount Vernon Ventures' Design Sprint

Believing that designers change the world, we at The Mount Vernon School teach children preschool through grade 12 to observe and question their world, build empathy muscles, experiment with prototypes and iterate. Students build upon these approaches to learn on a deeper level. MV Ventures’ experiential Design Sprint is designed to give participants a practical application for design thinking in the classroom, regardless of the grade level or subject. This workshop is for participatns who have heard about Design Thinking and want pracitcal take-aways for implementation with students.

Competency-Based Foundations

How might we implement Competency-Based Education? This workshop explores what Competency-Based education is and establishes the means, methods, tools and systems for discerning, mapping, and informing a rigorous learning journey. Topics will include Competency-based educational methods for assessment, feedback, documentation, next steps for using data to guide differentiated instruction, and grading for equity. In this workshop, participants will receive practical tools and strategies to begin implementing CBE into their classroom and school.

Foundational Classroom Strategies

How might we implement specific learner-centered classroom strategies in PK-12? The workshop establishes the “why” behind learner-centered pedagogy and teaches participants actionable classroom strategies to begin implementing immediately. Topics will include research-based strategies for inquiry-based learning, facilitating classroom discussion by incorporating student voice, and incorporating students’ curiosities and passions to personalize through choice. Participants will receive downloadable tools and pracitcal strategies to create learner centered classrooms at their schools.

Wellness for the Whole Child & SEL

Wellness and resiliency are imporant topics that all schools are currently nagivating. As schools seek creative solutions to tackling social-emotional learning, trauma-informed care, classroom collaboration and re-building group dynamics in the classroom,  join the MV Arts Team to learn how they implement innovative solutions centered around wellness, diversity, and connection to the creative industry. Awarded No. 1 in the nation for Arts Innovation, the team will share what works, what doesn’t, and what makes students thrive. Not just for Art teachers, this workshop provides a creative approach that any teacher could incorporate into the classroom.

Learner at the Center: Ready, Set, Go!

How might we set the stage for learner-centered classrooms in PK-12? This workshop establishes the “why” behind learner-centered pedagogy and teaches participants actionable, research-based classroom strategies teaches can incorporate now to start off the school year. Topics will include setting up our classrooms for interactive and flexible learning, building relationships which are foundational for learning, and inviting student voice and choice. Already planning for next year? This is a great workshop for summer work or pre-planning or new teachers to start the year off right.

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