A powerful problem-solving framework that puts people at the center of design solutions.

Design Thinking
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Empathy – Feedback – Prototyping 

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a people-centered problem solving method that promotes ethnography, empathy and iterative prototyping influenced by people testing. Collaborators are challenged to suspend judgment and leverage insights from a group of individuals to meet needs derived from discovery and empathetic experiences. Design thinking is not a new way of generating solutions to the problems communities, organizations and people face. However, it has been seen as a very powerful and effective tool for teams to uncover hidden, ambiguous, and unknown truths about the experiences of those they are trying to solve problems for.

Expert Practitioners

We are current practitioners in the classroom, infusing design thinking from preschool through grade 12. We will support you as you envision what design thinking looks like at your school.  Transformation needs a guide. We can help.

Our Design Thinking Framework


Our framework for design thinking is called Compass. At the core of this design thinking work, we use empathy to get to the deep needs of people.  We use prototyping so that we can build to learn and test ideas in progress. We iterate our emerging designs based on feedback from the users. Any challenge, large or small, can be taken on with empathy, prototyping and feedback, to design a better world. The outer ring of Compass is comprised of four main compass elements: Discover, Define, Design, Deploy. The inner ring consists of the four design approaches: Critique, Idea Exchange, Fabricate and Craftsmanship.

A Recent Case Study

Fulton County Schools

In 2020, a team of MV Ventures senior consultants worked with two new Fulton County STEM schools for a year-long consulting partnership. With design thinking at the core of both programs, MVV consultants utilized a hybrid of virtual and in-person sessions to engage with teams of teacher leaders from both schools for comprehensive design thinking training and curriculum design, supporting both administration and faculty during the 2020-2021 school year.

The first half of the partnership involved a deep-dive into the design thinking methodology, allowing participants to become both users and designers. Team members got a clear understanding of what design thinking is, why it’s such a powerful framework for problem-solving, and what it looks like in the classroom. The second half of the parnership supported the teams to infuse design thinking into the curriculum design including unit plans and design challenges throughout each of the different pathways offered to students.


Want more information on competency-based learning?  Let us know where you are on your journey.  Transformation needs a guide.  We can help. 

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