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Competency Based Learning
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Questions we are asking:

Competency Based Education 

  1. What does a learner-centered culture look like, and what can you do to influence the culture at your own school?
  2. What is the relationship between grades and a competency-based system?
  3. How can we build cultures of continual reflection and feedback, for students and the adults at our schools?
  4. How do we use space, time and resources in ways that places value on deeper learning? 

Expert Practitioners

We are current practitioners in the classroom leading this work.  We will support you as you envision what competency-based education looks like at your school.  Transformation needs a guide. We can help

Practitioners in the Classroom

Transformation In Practice

Join Meg Cureton and Amy Choi for a 3-part podcast series as they discuss what competency-based education is and what it can look like in the classroom from the perspective of a teacher and an administrator.  


There’s a lot out now about competency-based education, but what are the practical steps to adopt CBE? Here are some quick pieces of advice for those that are on this journey.


Competency-based education requires shifts in the classroom, but they don’t have to be huge. Here are three tips you could use to move your own classroom into a CBE environment:

Classroom Shifts

by Meg Cureton & Amy Choi


Shifting to a competency-based model requires support and leadership from the administration. Five tips for administrators to support your faculty on the journey.


Want more information on competency-based learning?  Let us know where you are on your journey.  Transformation needs a guide.  We can help. 

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