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Integrating Arts and Innovation
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Questions we are asking:

Arts Integration + Innovation 

  1. Why is arts integration and innovation important for a school’s art program?
  2. How can intersectional identity and diversity be incorporated using the arts?
  3. What is the best way to incorporate the arts into other subjects through interdisciplinary connections and collaborations?
  4. Why is it important to incorporate wellness into your arts program?

Expert Practitioners

We are current practitioners in the classroom leading this work.  We will support you as you envision what arts integration looks like at your school.  Transformation needs a guide. We can help

Practitioners in the Classroom

Transformation In Practice

Join Matthew Neylon, Director of Visual and Performing Arts, for conversations around Arts + Wellness, Arts + Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and why adaptability is so important in Arts Education today. 


Hear the power of the Arts in Inter/Transdisciplinary work and how it can act as a content accelerator and real-world connector.


Learn more about mindfulness and the arts and how it can support student emotional regulation, mental health and even sports performance.


Explore how the arts can be leveraged for exploring cultural identity, a vehicle for trauma-informed care and a healer for racial trauma.

2021 Arts Innovation Award Recipient

The Mount Vernon School was recently awarded the 2021 Arts Innovation Award by the Arts Schools Network


Want more information on competency-based learning?  Let us know where you are on your journey.  Transformation needs a guide.  We can help. 

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Learn More About Our Arts Integration + Innovation: Field Studies

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