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Mount Vernon Ventures is a team of industry recognized expert leaders and designers who are transforming schools and businesses through people-centered design. Closing the gap between real life and school life, we have been on a transformational journey for over a decade and can empathize with the twists and turns you are navigating in your own journey. Transformation needs a guide. We can help.


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Partnering with both education and corporate organizations since 2012, we have designed real world solutions for real world problems.

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Why are organizations choosing MV Ventures?

Ventures is a destination to connect with current expert practitioners.

We serve students and families in the field right now. We understand the complexities of change and how to navigate fluid, dynamic circumstances. We get it.

For more than a decade, we have been leading transformation in teaching & learning, engaging instructional design, growing enrollment, assembling high performing teams, building exceptional brands, and launching innovative programs.

While no one knows your organization better than you, we can create a customized strategy that outlines how to best guide you and your team. We feel a great responsibility to make an impact and inspire transformation with a relevant, high touch, and evidence-based approach.

Reach out today to learn more about how to build capacity in your community.

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At Mount Vernon Ventures, we are insatiably curious. As we explore, research and expand our own capabilities within our primary place of practice, we believe deeply in sharing and doing our part to build capacity in others. Above all else, by intentionally blurring the lines between school and the real world, we are leading the way in transforming education and creating a destination for anyone seeking to design a better world.

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